We love small businesses and organizations because they’re authentic and personal. We understand – and applaud! – the hard work it takes to be the backbone of America. We’re a small business too, and we love making an honest difference for the people we serve.
  • Dan Cheramy
    Dan CheramyOwner

    Dan Cheramy thrives on strategic and creative challenges. He possesses brisk imagination, vast knowledge and a wide resource network. An enthusiastic ambassador and loyal advocate for our clients, he exercises deep understanding of construction, design, production, market strategy, budget constraints and return on investment.

  • Kelly Cheramy
    Kelly CheramyCo-Owner

    Kelly Cheramy is a skilled storyteller in both words and visual presentation. Her honest and breezy style easily engages readers and sweeps them along for an impactful journey. For project management, her large-family sensibilities and training in journalism keep projects on time and firmly grounded in reality.

  • Meredith Meinholz
    Meredith MeinholzDesigner/Developer

    Meredith Meinholz leads our web strategy and design team. She is serious about finding the intersection of your company’s objectives and the needs of your customers, with an emphasis on the strategy behind content presentation, graphic style and site functionality.

  • Matt Schaser
    Matt SchaserArt Director

    Matt Schaser has razor-sharp marketing skills that cut across all media. With a focus on effective design to meet your objectives, Matt gives wings to strategy and roots to results. His ad agency experience, working for some of the world’s largest clients, mixes with an authentic desire to make a measurable difference for you.

  • Hallie Heuser
    Hallie HeuserWeb and Graphic Design

    Hallie Heuser (pronounced HYzer) navigates both challenging and serene waters, thanks to a command of technology and visual creativity. In addition, her entrepreneurial spirit helps you land happily on bright, often new, horizons.

  • Alaa Mahmood
    Alaa MahmoodGraphic Designer

    Alaa Mahmood is a graphics wizard, infusing youthful new ideas into the look of our products. Having grown up in an era where computers make everything possible – and fun! – she adds a new dimension to our levels of creativity and service.