So Nice to Meet You!

Since 2006, our happy group of creative professionals provide the best in CUSTOMER SERVICE, acting as a true partner in your business. We take pride in being AUTHENTIC and PERSONAL and making an HONEST DIFFERENCE for the people we serve.

Dan Cheramy


Dan Cheramy thrives on strategic and creative challenges. He possesses brisk imagination, vast knowledge and a wide resource network. An enthusiastic ambassador and loyal advocate for our clients, he exercises deep understanding of construction, design, production, market strategy, budget constraints and return on investment.

Kelly Cheramy, Co-Owner

Kelly Cheramy


Kelly Cheramy is a skilled storyteller in both words and visual presentation. Her honest and breezy style easily engages readers and sweeps them along for an impactful journey. For project management, her large-family sensibilities and training in journalism keep projects on time and firmly grounded in reality.


Digital Marketing, Website Administration

A former e-commerce entrepreneur in his native Ukraine, Ivan brings a wealth of knowledge for all things business, websites and marketing. In addition, he holds a master’s degree in economics and speaks four languages! He considers himself “stress-resistant” and “motivated” – just what our clients deserve! For fun, he loves reading (fiction, classics, sci fi), sports (swimming, soccer, hockey) and going for long walks in Madison’s parks.


Web, Graphic and Digital Design

Depth and dimension mark Jessica’s work and persona. A career as a mental health/art therapist, child care professional and industry regulator has given way to a new season of service. With passions for design, technology, problem-solving and lots of hobbies (K-pop, Dann Mu yoga, art, music, travel and animals, to name a few), she brings a personal and empathetic approach to showcase one’s story.


Graphic and Digital Design

Shilo’s artful creativity flows like a geyser but is funneled for purpose. Throughout her life, she has explored nearly every medium – from drawing, painting, sewing, and needle arts, to jewelry making, wood burning, pottery, photography, typography and much more. Her thoughtful, on-target graphic designs incorporate many talents, and she is forever broadening horizons with research to learn about new topics relevant to her projects.


Social Media

Arianna’s social media mission is much like her background in agronomy and personal training: fertilize communications to grow professional relationships, and perform exercises to achieve business fitness. She combines understanding, knowledge and personal connection to tell your story. Enthusiastic for all of life’s adventures, she will happily blaze new trails with you in the digital world.

About Us

Story Arts is our approach to marketing – through visuals, verbal content and experiences. It’s at the intersection of strategy and reality, connecting people emotionally and intellectually to your strategic message.

Wondering how to pronounce our name?

It’s a soft “ch” as in the singer Cher’s name, with emphasis on the first syllable. The surname is French and can be equated to cher ami, which means “dear friend.” Translated to business-speak, we hope to be that trusted friend for you and your marketing objectives!