So Nice to Meet You!

Since 2006, our happy group of creative professionals provide the best in CUSTOMER SERVICE, acting as a true partner in your business. We take pride in being AUTHENTIC and PERSONAL and making an HONEST DIFFERENCE for the people we serve.

Dan Cheramy


Dan Cheramy thrives on strategic and creative challenges. He possesses brisk imagination, vast knowledge and a wide resource network. An enthusiastic ambassador and loyal advocate for our clients, he exercises deep understanding of construction, design, production, market strategy, budget constraints and return on investment.

Kelly Cheramy, Co-Owner

Kelly Cheramy


Kelly Cheramy is a skilled storyteller in both words and visual presentation. Her honest and breezy style easily engages readers and sweeps them along for an impactful journey. For project management, her large-family sensibilities and training in journalism keep projects on time and firmly grounded in reality.

Lehi (LAY-hee)

Creative Team Lead, Web Developer

Lehi is a master mechanic of communications, from websites and apps to video, graphic design and even photography. Similar to his passion for biking, he can see the big picture of projects from the proverbial mountaintop while knowing how to perfect performance through the nuts and bolts. In his professional craft, like his affinity for the Great Outdoors, he is forever poised to enjoy the ride.


Graphic, Web Design

Lexie’s background as a professional ballet dancer is an appropriate framework to understand her character and work style. She is precise and disciplined in website design and maintenance, strong and efficient in her communication, and graceful in customer service. Such a technical and creative mix is like music to the work flow. In short, you could say she’s always on her toes!


Web Design, Social Media

Free-spirited and entrepreneurial, Skyler brings a passionate, happy heart to all of her endeavors. Before deciding on a career in websites and marketing, she experienced the detailed world of an investment firm and the creative realm of portrait photography. Excelling with a wide range of traits, her can-do attitude is living proof that the sky’s the limit.


UX Design, Social Media

Collaboration and continual learning mark Jessie’s approach to life. Her first career as a teacher proved that success comes from understanding and meeting the needs of her audience, whether in the classroom or on worldly travels. She is passionate about interaction design, user research and accessibility. Minus the room full of students, Jessie continues to shine as a “class act.”

Hristijan (H-RIS-tee-yahn)

Full-Stack Developer

His Macedonian name translates to “Christian,” and his expertise in coding translates to a world of possibilities for your website. In addition to impeccable English, Hristijan speaks your language for customer service, much of it gleaned from the cruise industry. In a spirit that reflects his love of sports, a career change now has him vying for MVP of the digital arena.

Denise, Graphic Design & Illustration


Special Projects

With degrees in architecture, urban planning and graphic design, Denise brings a sophisticated framework for connecting with target audiences. Building on her love for structures and spaces, she is a talented creative painter and muralist. Her greatest masterpiece? A mind trained with the perfect blend of creativity and business acumen to get the job done.

About Us

Story Arts is our approach to marketing – through visuals, verbal content and experiences. It’s at the intersection of strategy and reality, connecting people emotionally and intellectually to your strategic message.

Wondering how to pronounce our name?

It’s a soft “ch” as in the singer Cher’s name, with emphasis on the first syllable. The surname is French and can be equated to cher ami, which means “dear friend.” Translated to business-speak, we hope to be that trusted friend for you and your marketing objectives!